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Our Product Gallery

Need an idea?  Take a scroll through our products gallery by clicking on the right arrow in each category!

Organic Garland

Organic means a design with a continuous or natural flow. This trendy and unique style is created by using different sized balloons to form a design with no particular pattern.


An arrangement or cluster of balloons shaped into an arc. It can be mounted on a stand, over a pathway, or even as a backdrop. A simple yet effective way to frame an area.

Balloon Wall

A backdrop that is made entirely of balloons. Ranging in height and width with an organic design.


A pillar of balloons created in either a spiral, stacked or solid color design. These normally range in heights and are topped with any balloon of choice.

Round backdrop/ Circle Arch

These designs are created on a round frame. The round backdrop allows for a backdrop that is circular instead of square. The circle arch is similar to a regular arch but goes all the way around in a full circle (can be organic or with a pattern). 


This includes centerpieces, outdoor sculptures, bouquets and rental items such as grass walls,  plinths, neon signs and marquee letters and numbers.

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